20 January 2013

A side of Royal Blue please...

I walked into the Deb shop with a friend of mine and she could not believe the look on my face. I said "I am not completely convinced that I will find anything in here."
"Why?" she asked
"Because I do not usually shop here. I mean look at some of these clothes..."
"Just have faith that you will find something Elle" she says

10 minutes later I am at the checkout with this blazer in my hands, along with a gorgeous red one just like it.
 "$10.80" says the cashier
"Oh wow..." I reply
To my amazement it was $5 for each of these blazers!! I did not look at the price of them. I just saw them and knew I had to have both of them.
"So you did find something huh?" my friend says
"Shut up" I said, smiling and laughing

Have you ever found yourself judging something or someone based on what you see or have heard? Only to find that your judgment is wrong? Give chances... And so I did. And this blazer is one of my favorite staples this winter season.

Blazer: Deb Shops// Dress: Vintage// Tights: Forever 21// Sash: Vintage

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  1. Omg you’re so cute!!
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