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It is so important to inspire other women and not be in competition with them. I look around at the women who have such blinded direction that they are unable to inspire another woman or tell her she's beautiful. I don't subscribe to that. Go for your dreams, youre beautiful too sis. I am in competition with nobody but myself. My journey of growth is raw. So it's those little pieces of advice that you can realistically try to implement into your own life that has made Coveted Archives what it is becoming.

As humans, in our search to find out how to become our best selves; we come to a point where we realize it's harder than we initially thought. When in reality we are all just trying to find someone who has something to say that's relatable. And meaningful.

I realized that as a woman...especially a woman of color, I do have something to say. And I want to stand up and shout words of wisdom and encouragement to the generations of women behind me.

And I want you to be a part of it all...