Holiday Wreath Collection

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  • All of the wreaths in this gallery are available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing, please visit the shop and check out our collection of wreaths available made to order.
  • There is a deposit of 15-20% for each wreath. Your deposit buys the supplies needed to make your wreath.
  • Due to the difference in difficulty of each wreath, we have developed a system that hasn’t failed us yet. Every wreath is charged by the clock hours to make it. As you can see, some are much more intricate than others. I have made hundreds of wreaths, and feel this is the fairest way to systemize this process.
  • Each product has a description, and the approximate hours it would take to complete.
  • We do take custom orders, and can invoice a particular wreath you may be interested in. Please email us a picture of the wreath you would like us to make for you (, along with any customizations and we will tell you how long it will take to make it and how much it will cost you.